With my productivity issues yesterday, I decided to switch up the routine a little bit. Today I am going to try something a little new. I am going to switch my workout to the afternoon. I will workout when I start to feel that afternoon lull of productivity (every dev has it whether they feel it or not).

This will also give me a chance to spread out my Creatine, breakfast, and C4 better.


I woke up this morning feeling general soreness, but nothing that was absolutely terrible. After stretching, I feel pretty good. Most of the soreness is actually in my legs/abs and those are the only 2 that I haven’t worked out a second time.

For those of you that don’t know already, if you’re sore with DOMS, the only cure is to wait around 2 days from initial workout and workout again. It seems like the opposite of what you want to do, but it’ll make the soreness go away almost as soon as you’re done working out.

EDIT (2017-03-25): Workout day, break day, DOMS Day, THEN re-workout day. So you work out on the third day, not second like previously stated.

Side note, I should have gotten to bed way earlier. I’m not tired, but I’m going to be later.

Weigh In

(Note: All weigh ins occur in the morning before I have a change to eat/drink or do anything)

Today: 181.2
Yesterday net: -1.8
Starting net: -3.8

Now, this is not enough that it may be fluctuation still, but my weight has been going down as I go, weighing at the same time of day and such.

Work (Pre-Workout)

I got through all my pivotal tracker and PR replies pretty fast. I actually forgot all about the scrum meeting today and didn’t log into Slack until everybody gave up, so I felt kind of bad. The only thing that helps there is knowing “mistakes happen”.

Right now, I’m in a major R&D phase of reading how handle.net works. It’ll definitely be something I’ll need a break from and that’s when I’ll go for a workout.

I haven’t been able to get much productive R&D done, so I’m going to move into some brunch and working out.

Workout: Legs and Abs Day

Today’s workout went rather well! I skipped cardio again, because lifting felt better with skipping it. It actually went so well I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow (or in 2 days).

I started off with legs which I was so tired after, I felt weak walking, then moved to abs. For abs, I did the 8 minute abs workout (link goes to workout guide at bottom of page) that we used to do in cross country.

Work (Post-Workout)

Maybe I need to workout after work. I feel so exhausted that I haven’t even started work.

Got a little bit more reading done, but I am going to go to bed to try to hit my 22:00 bedtime goal (I didn’t hit it, it’s 23:00 and I still haven’t released my blog post).


  • C4 “Sport” is actually a tuned down, cheap version of C4. I bought the regular version of C4 which has additional contents to hopefully help with my gains. I’ll probably use “Sport” on leg/cardio days until it’s gone.

Meal Log

  • 1.5 grams Creatine HCL
  • 3 eggs (scrambled)
  • 1 Scoop C4 (Sport)
  • 1 Scoop C4 (Regular)
  • 1 Scoop BCAA’s
  • 1 Strawberry Special K 12 g Protein Meal Bar
  • 1 entire “Fresh Express” Chopped Kit Sweet Kale Salad
  • 30 grams protein, 2.5 grams Creatine monohydrate with a few other minor supplements from Powder mixed in almond milk
  • 1373 mg Fish Oil Softgel

8 Minute Abs

Do each one for 1 minute each:

  1. Crunches - Put hands behind head and crunch
  2. Right Side Crunch - Link to Video, but with the opposite leg’s ankle resting on the knee
  3. Left Side Crunch
  4. Leg Raises
  5. Right Side Plank
  6. Left Side Plank
  7. Bicycles
  8. Normal Plank